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http://extrahappiness.com Nyomi Graef's Website
http://qipeace.com David Beale's favorite theories
http://chisync.com  Friend's writings (we avoid Facebook and such)
http://gaiaqi.net Steven Guth & David Beale articles
Didgeridoo Experiments by David Beale (2-octave continuous variable pitch no-breaks and without changing lengths)
ChartersArt.com an online art gallery circa 1995-2000 now retrospective exhibitions
GaiaQi.net Poetry-style "New-Age" writings and some articles by Guth & Beale
MessageStone Videos by Steven Guth & David Beale about Jewish-German-Australian conundrums
MessageStone.net an English version (free pdf) of Steven Guth's book about Nazi Germany
ChiSync.com is about unusual knowledge
QiSync.net for Steven Guth's Articles
Wireless Interactions With Plants. Human-plant interactions as proven by Cleve Backster and many others.
An invention for "Galvanic skin response" (GSR) uses no conductive contacts.
Instead of electrodes it uses proximity aerials, which respond to nearby conditions.
Hilda & David Beale HomePage
Unified Field Theory getting into a sequential book
Rajaju.com for a Yidaki (didgeridoo) CD and mp3s by Julian Silburn & Jane Barnacle

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Old Kangaroo Resting

This kangaroo, who died in 2008, visited often with his family. Recently a larger and more grey kangaroo has grown up and doing all the things he did and more.
Their favorites are rose leaves and non-indigenous colored bulbs. The new leader knocks on the neighbours' bedroom window and back door, for the zoo-prescibed food for him and his family.
The old kangaroos' successors feel equally at home to him and his family over the years.
In 2013 an even bigger kangaroo took his place. Now (2017) an even bigger kangaroo is the leader.
Kangaroos eat whatever they like in our garden and do whatever they want; they're friends.

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 Autumn Golden Leaves

 Autumn Colours with the sun, through light clouds; with breaks shining brightly especially on the leaves of Hilda's favorite tree.
This tree responds clearly and strongly with Hilda's touch.
Others tried affecting the tree by touching the trunk and branches. The instrument showed no changes from the baseline wobbles.

Earth Energy lines affect these instruments strongly and consistently.

Plant responses successively decline. Plants get bored "like cats" is Steven's summary.Steven Guth's communications with tree, same as with the geranium cuttings, were huge. The background noise was small compared with the monotonic decline relative to the sunset. Observations, of the wireless instrument connected to the tree, showed responses, to the same meditations, as having the patterns the same and the time taken much more than the responses from Geranium cuttings. Some photos and more about these experiments are (in a new window) at http://westernau.com/PlantResponse/ The project, in 2007, used a new type of wireless-contact materials analyzer. We enjoyed Cleve Backster's discoveries about plants interacting with people.

Autumn Golden Leaves 2 
Golden light shines through glowing Autumn clouds

Clouds behind twirly trees  Twirly trees; the feelings of being there can be inside a little area  

Roses bloomed in Winter (usually, only in Spring).   Roses months early

Misty morning valley looking East
Misty Spring Morning (the Valley East of our house in Kalamunda)

Nyomi's Wedding 2003

Nyomi Hilda David Leanda 2003

Misty morning valley looking North-East

The sun has just risen; it's behind the tree; the valley is bright with mist and golden leaves.

2D representation of a 3D animation for a multi-D concept

A 2D representation of a 3D analogy to a multi-dimensional idea to support belief in miracles
The gif is supposed to be animated but security measures disable animation in some browsers. 

Morning Birds referencing Hans Heysen

A dawn scene at the home of Rob & Stephanie Gourlay, Braidwood, New South Wales, Australia.

A Bee And South Aftrican bulbs  
A Bee


A tree fell on our house in Autumn 2009. A small tornado ("willy-willy" in Australia) smashed the tree into a corner of our house.

The tree fell in a way which protected everything including us, except the corner of the house and, as seemed initially to have happened, a little Nandina was the only plant missing. [The log piece, in the above photo, is from a garden ornament; the tree stump had been cut up and removed before the nandina pushed above the surface.] Initially the Nandina showed as having been hurt, lost. We thank the tree and the willy-willy for knowing exactly how to protect every other being.

All the other plants and even most decorative garden features were everywhere all around OK where the great tree fell. It had picked the perfect best place to fall. With the help of the willy-willy it fell at an angle different from how it had been leaning. This type of tree has shallow roots and all other trees of the same type around had been removed so it was weakened. The roots of trees near to our house had been disrupted by a bull-dozer when it cut the block to fit our house. The tree, to die in this aspect of its life, needed the willy-willy. The Angel of Death, with the spirits/devas/gnomes and the willy-willy, helped the tree to continue its life with zero damage to its friends.

The huge tree's upper branches smashed and squashed the corner of our house. The willy-willy helped the tree to avoid squashing one of us who was watching the violent swirls of leaves and rain on our windows. Our house has tiles made of cement; the ends of the tree's branches propelled tiles through the decorative/insulative ceiling lining; that could have into where we were standing; it didn't happen (instead the corner room was damaged.

This Nandina was lost until, after a few days of sunshine and rain in the last days of Spring 2009; and after pushing through about 100mm of earth and mulch, this little optimistic Nandina is OK!

Hit the corner not where I was standing

Tree fell at a different angle with the help of a mini tornado

Shallow Rooted Tree

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If you are looking for scientific proofs of all of the concepts on the sites on this VPS, please consider (for the far-out stuff) how opinions may be gained by evidence which is obvious if you know how to do the experiments. I believe that science is subjective to perception. If you know how then you can get the evidence. This is like say "ESP" for which highly trained people can apply the highest standards of scientific techniques and make their reports and...humans are able to believe only what they want to believe.

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