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Hilda & David Beale

Old Kangaroo Resting In Our Driveway

Photos of our home and garden

Flowers and Art

Photos of our garden

Photos of our home

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Art by Dan Mazzotti

Art by Isobel Venus, Dan Mazzotti, Cedric Baxter, Diana Johnston and others

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Hilda died 5th July 2016. The photos below are from 2010

  Hilda in her car David  

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A page about David's didgeridoo theory/playing

The yidaki (didgeridoo) can produce continuously-variable frequencies and/or accurate notes over more than two octaves; contrary to the beliefs about tube instruments having fixed pitch more than fixed-length tubes such as people, birds...

In the didgeridoo's tube, sound can co-resonate with the dominant resonances that direct the didge's notes. The tube's resonance determines the pitch/key little more than as the dominant resonant source of energy allows. Embouchure rules; in a yidaki perhaps more than instruments based on the idea of fixed pitch. The person can decide the exact pitch of the tube. Nearby energy sources may be then be resonated with.

I've many years ahead, I hope, looking forward to this discovery producing music rather than the strange noises on these pages. Others may take up the discovery and produce beautiful music with wonderful energy. (David)

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