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Home driveway




The parking area, outside the front door, has a beautiful view (this shows a bit of the South-East corner)



View North-East from Front Door

Hilda in the drive-way Spring October 2009. 

This is the drive-way after one tree fell on the house.
Others had to be cut down before they, too, fell on houses (they had shallow roots)


The 8 Kookaburras were on the neighbours' balcony (Don and Leith Young) and Don took a photo (cropped --- Leith is just outside on the right).
(Yes we are careful to avoid the bird's getting dependent or obsessed with food!) The birds are friends ; not scared of us.



These bulbs spread after we planted only a few hundred. After our dog died the Kangaroos ate almost all the coloured non-native bulbs


Dog Roses have an astonishingly brilliant red colour especially noticable on overcast days when the light is dull and the sky is grey.


After the shallow-rooted tree was torn out by a little whirlwind (mini-tornado) the other plants grew back as if nothing had happened.

The dawn sun rising over distant wooded hills.


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