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Concepts For A Theory of Everything

By David Beale

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Imagine growing; our Earth and the Moon disappear; for the Sun to be a star in the sky; for the sky to be a breath of air.

Shrink a universe to nothing, expand it, shrink it again and expand it millions of times in a second --- see it is just a spark of dust; in its own time we see some of its infinity.

To be big enough, to hold all that is, in the palm of one's hand, is part of our sacred individuality. From where we are, in our own unique place to be, we can view Creation as if just separate enough to know that we are and we are part of it.

Top-bottom; front-back; left-right. These are the dimensions we look at, as people, most of the time. There are as many places to be, all using at least three axes of their own to be in, as there are directions and positions to describe using only three coordinates.

There are an infinite number of ways to have reality, for something as small as a universe. We may each have a separate reality, shared as much with the whole of Creation, as we wish.

For infinity to be, with love and the option to be everything for everyone, all at the same time, Time needs to be just something we agree to share and to meet at the same time in the same place and with the same script, stage, audience, a producer who lets us do our thing and a director who's on stage with us and a practiced understanding for everyone to jazz it up and ad lib, yet fit in perfectly.

For Time to be our agreed illusion ---- where an infinitely-small "present" can stretch to one big Now, or include places we've been, things we've seen, in some sort of order ---- we need instant communications from one side of infinity to the other. Easy: design a system where the speed of vibrations, travelling like sound, like light.....any way they it through a medium that can expand and compress (just enough-close-to-infinitely-less-than-zero) as to let them travel at speeds just close enough to infinite so if infinity stretches, they get to the other side in the same virtually-zero time.

With the whole of Infinity to spread out in an infinite number of dimensions, an instant oscillation has to start it seems like a little sphere, expanding and contracting from its own centre. When contracted (in one set of three axes) it is expanded in another place; so what if something else takes its place while its away? Compressibility is nearly infinitely-small so about the only rule to apply is for no field to be in the same place as another; so all oscillations fit in with all other oscillations in the same medium, in the same collection of places to be.

We are each an organization of oscillations, collected in harmony, fitting in and sharing many places to be, in patterns we agree on. From our own unique place, we each reach out, and interact with the whole of Creation. The patterns of our efforts, as we share as best we can --- sending the message of our Being instantly, everywhere --- act like a multi-dimensional laser-beam, on a multi-dimensional hologram (which is the all of the big "Everything") and project the image of ourselves, to interact with everyone and Everything and be observed by whomever has shined their light in a way that evokes communal beauty.

Patterns are forever changing, yet by agreement every detail of their description, is permanent. By fitting in and adding changes, we make new places to visit, forever. When we move on, into agreements beyond our Human understanding, we'll leave our energy as part of us, for others to reflect themselves into and, in turn, grow in love. Places we make and energy-patterns we form, may be entirely in our own set of dimensions, if we so wish; or they can be so much in harmony as for us to be intertwined so much into the whole of Creation, as to be more one with all than separate.

When we travel, everything in our path (and ourselves) fit in and make room within all the peaks and dips of the pressures of our moving image as it is evoked. Our motion, in the three dimensions our universe uses mostly as a "club", increases the permanent presence of patterns of individuality, in positions in the same "place" throughout all dimensions of the overall hologram. Travelling intrudes on all other individuality. Travel, within the three dimensions most peculiar to our universe, thus invokes the phenomena of gravity as the surroundings compensate for the extra presence, by excluding us more to our own place and by encouraging us to fit together more harmoniously.

Particles can stay in the three dimensions (of, say, one universe) by oscillating as a team, to present a uniform force field to the "outside world". By this constant movement we are adding to their presence in all dimensions. From pressure-levels keeping balanced with surrounding dimensions, we get the effect of an expanding universe. Using many dimensions, the universe folds back like the skin of an apple if it could fold into the centre to re-emerge as skin. By having its other dimensions, our home universe is constantly "expanding" in three dimensions, from a point of view in a place in the cycle.

Individuality most easily has stability, for modulating in concert with other individuals, in a band from where compression levels (close to the core) are too high up to where levels are so low as to make too likely a removal to another set of dimensions. For those dimensions we choose to shine our individuality on and interact with, changing in a group (to different sets of dimensions) is easiest at the outer limits of expansion.

2D analogy to a large event being diverted by a small event

By having each a place to be, and an individuality to shine on the whole of Creation --- with which to see ourselves in --- we watch and notice the miracle of we can "hold a universe in the palm of our hand" and for the greater wonder of how we may move our hand, to touch that of another person like ourself. To come out of our private dimensions, to share a reality, every particle of our being must be balanced, in other dimensions, by a counterpart ----- so every standing "field" is at least a pair of oscillations.

If we can bend our little finger, by wanting to do so, we can move the sun and the stars. The limit of our creativity is at infinity. When we join together, we stretch the limits of infinity....a little further into infinity.

When we join together, each out of our own shell and into our shared reality, our energy-patterns turn into each other and we become as one person and one with everything that has individuality.

Every detail of oscillation, sharing reality outside our own personal place, is part of us. The most small oscillation at least needs a twin, for a tiny sphere to stay where we are rather than be pushed by other energy (back into it's own peculiar place). When it has found its "twin", it may then present as (to everything else) a stable, spherical and impregnable force-field.

When the most tiny of movements has found its twin, to take a greater part together, in activities outside their own unique shared places, they must accept more the multi-dimensional pattern of everything, as part of their own pattern of oscillations.

Every detail of every "atom" holds, at sizes "infinitely" close to zero-size, the details of the oscillation-patterns of the whole of infinity. Within our immediately-shared places to be, we choose to use patterns (within Everything) to expand them from being zero-size modulations. For particles of the smallest size, to our own patterns of being, we form clubs and agreements, within the places that our energy-pattern-levels have claimed as relatively exclusive to us. In these agreements, we shine the light of our group individuality, to invoke from Everything the patterns of our group individuality.

Having some exclusive places to be, in our various clubs and associations, implies a converse of "being excluded to" these places --- that is, into our Universe, our reality. To be together, we need to be in harmony; the information of our being is instantly everywhere and most strongly in our own universe. An implication of "exclusion" and of "inductively-induced-harmony" (among energies with the potential to be completely separate) implies that we should be therefore inclined to move closer together, within our own space. The pattern of coming together is a quality of everything that can have individuality --- and in the 3D world it exhibits as "gravity".

Our present shared human experience has chosen a stage where compression-levels are low. Now (actually "here") at the outer edges where "expansion" is folding back, changes are possible that were previously more inhibited ----- because when pressure-levels are high, individual events (the same for single concentric oscillations, atoms, people and our universe) must either confine themselves to their own dimensions or constantly swap (or cycle) between places of higher/lower pressure which is difficult for groups to do and maintain the integrity of their agreed patterns. So "Expanding into Everywhere", together, is easier for us now ---- as a group we have chosen to be in this position, in the cycle of our shared place to be.

When we travel, everything in our way fits in to make room within all the peaks and dips of the pressures of the moving image of individuality as it is evoked from the whole. Individuality is sacred; it may interact with others ---- modulate, co-create and accept as part of itself in mutual sharing --- but while dancing together, wherever we are is exclusively our position.

All aspects of our being hold the total patterns of the whole of Creation. To share more than zero interaction outside our unique places, we form agreed structures beginning at the level of the most tiny oscillations and extending to the patterns in the sky and beyond. Our agreement accentuates whatever possibilities we may agree to experience as individuals and in whatever groups we join with.

In our reality every event can be described according to its patterns of concentric, multi-dimensional oscillations: where it is (given many more than three axes/co-ordinates to describe position) and how big it is, what's its timing relative to other parts of itself and what other oscillations are included in the same where are these other energy-patterns relative to the average of the "it" we are describing. We could describe everything as a series of numbers, relative to each other --- frequency, phase, whereabouts and "how-far-do-you-go-into-details-of-the-smallest-oscillations".

Considering the series of numbers, that can describe anything that has individuality then, starting with the most large oscillation in the club, one will be describing also harmonics much faster than the largest, and oscillations much smaller --- down to virtually zero-cycles per second to an infinite level close to zero and virtually infinite-per-second at the other level close to zero size (relative to the individual).

Energy patterns, sharing infinity, exclude other energy patterns until some inducement is present, for all to mutually adapt with.....then energy-patterns may change. Changes in energy-patterns happen for any appearance of movement ---- tending to move towards each other because of mutual inductive effects. The words "gravity", "static" and "magnetic" describe effects of inductive relationships. Gravity is the summary shared by all events that share similar dimensions in common, relative to being excluded from energy-oscillations in other dimensions. Static and magnetic effects are more local to the structure of their own energy-patterns, in three dimensions.

For atoms and molecules to interact, they follow the same patterns of venturing from their exclusive domains, into the general reality as the individualities of our being which we share with the greater being, in love.

©David Beale


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