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Why I Believe in Miracles David Beale

 I believe in miracles because otherwise I would have to believe in total predetermination. I prefer to believe all life has free will; so I imagine reasons why miracles are ordinary.

Why does so much of what happens seem predictable?  Because so much of creation is in harmony with every harmonious part getting exactly what it wants, where it wants and how it wants.

Uncomplicated individuals might not seem to be having much effect on events. A huge rock might, for a few million years, be enjoying experiencing what's going on around itself, often as it might envisage, cause, wish...

The disharmonious can be predictable; but it doesn't get what it wants. It randomizes its free will so much as to not have much influence outside its confines, like a boss of a small corporation that's going to stay small despite desperately wanting to be super-rich.

Hierarchies, of self, have boundaries defining family, club, town, state, country...All are limited; they act as if separate from other individuals; so their will may be cancelled, randomized, negated by other disharmonious entities.

Some think that all desires are produced by prior events, so actions as a result of volition are only the results of predetermined chains of events going back to the beginnings of time.  I consider that, as living beings, we are part of Creation. Anything alive, with individuality, is a numbered percentage of infinity.

We seem to be tied to events in a limited universe (it's really just another star, like a bright bit of dust in a bigger sky) but what we think, feel, want, tied to everything not just a chain of caused events going back to some beginning of Time for our present Universe.

We may be independent, enough, to truly have free will; because we have some independence from our birthplace's cause-and-effect predictabilities.

An ocean wave is surfed by waiting for the wave, swimming quickly enough to fit in with where it’s going, then riding it….without getting dumped...Then one waits for another wave to ride to shore.

 Perfect fitting-in gives more than just being propelled to the shoreline: the wave allows for skimming sideways along it; all the time making sure of fitting in, keeping in time, being at the right place at the right wanting to.

Randomness is contended, by some, to be impossible. For them, belief in absolute inevitability is made easier by thinking that apparent randomness, although mathematically proven to be random by definition, is still the result of observing events that in themselves are not random and that have unbroken chains of cause-effect…back to the beginning of time.

Randomness is defined according to nominal limits, according to observable predictability. Limits of knowledge and measurement define randomness; and measurements can not know non-observable inevitability nor a nearly infinite complex of predetermined chains of events. If one was all-knowing, then all events would be completely predictable.

I’m saying that only the summary of everything that exists is the only person who knows Everything; and I believe such a God allows individuals to choose what happens from...let's say "an infinity of possibilities" for a start.

An infinitely wide present, for time, negates limits that would be imposed if one-dimensional time could be real. Past, present and future are not separate entities; rather they are as if places, views and memories, in subjective views of Now.


So an essay about miracles includes a definition of God? 

For here, put aside limiting God to some “concept” of say “a god”.

 Consider God as a person: a person of infinite Love.
Infinite love by definition regards every part of self as equal to the whole self.

Every part of God is a known, numbered member of the whole. 

 Part of the definition of all that exists is for this to be one aspect of God.

God can front to each of us as an equal, like a double; without reference to superiority; with unconditional love.


 Creation is infinite.  Allow that Creation is multi-dimensional. Creation is large enough for each numbered part of God to have its own unique set of dimensions — at least three to have top, bottom, left and right, and enough other dimensions for 3D events to happen.   From each of our unique sets of dimensions, we venture into the greater reality; independently, able to change chains of events, as if going back to the beginning of time; and inevitable until the end of time…but changed, forever, because we can step in and make the changes happen.   Intent causes events to happen
that otherwise would just remain dormant
within the infinite holographic, multidimensional store
of possibilities for observation and experience.
To change the past, the present and the future, we change an analogy to building a sandcastle on a beach, a bridge, a book...anything.  We have existed forever.
Every part of the multi-dimensional hologram can reproduce the whole
and we are each such a part
 Time, for reality, is only Now.


 Our individuality is like a light that shines on a hologram.
It can produce unique realities, according to our intentions.
 Our intentions have no beginnings and no ends, in any one-dimensional time,
because such is a human illusion.
 Movement can happen just by changes to the viewpoints of observation.
Realities may be static, relative to moving observations.
 Past, present and future, for cause-effect purposes, are all the same.
Cause-and-effect is an illusion; because reality is made of permanent situations and possibilities.


  A myth, supporting belief in the inevitability of causes-and-effects, mistakes eternal situations as transients with inertia. Reality is more complex than past events, with inertia, causing events that follow. Reality just exists, holistically. 

Within reality are many events that are not numbered percentages of infinity. They gain life and individual differences, when acted on by living beings, according to will that is separate from linear time.
Taking a logical view of cause and effect, one might describe a cause as having happened in the past, so it no longer exists. The effect is going to happen in the future, so it does not exist.

The present, so, would be by definition infinitely small — so the present can not actually exist.

So to consider something as having been caused….by what? By what magic other than what seems to be happening all the time, can anything actually exist except in the imaginations of our memories? 
 We think of “now” because we can remember a past — a past that no longer exists.  We think of a “future” because we can predict what it will contain…up to a point…but that future never actually exists.

So, with a “now” that is infinitely small, does anything exist other than in our imaginations? 
 We think of “now” because we can remember a past — a past that no longer exists.  We think of a “future” because we can predict what it will contain…up to a point…but that future never actually exists.  So, with a “now” that is infinitely small, does anything exist other than in our imaginations? 

So, say “logically”, to think that something actually causes something else, is to presume some ties between something that does not exist and something that does not exist via something that can not exist.

here is actually no provable possibility of anything being actually “caused” by anything else, except in our imaginations, our perceptions, our dreams, memories…our actual Being...which can be whatever we want it to be. The possibility of anything being actually “caused” by anything else, except in our imaginations, our perceptions, our dreams, memories…our actual Being...which can be whatever we want it to be.




We may be more certain of causing events because we want them, than we may be certain that any event is inevitable. With the ability, harmony and certainty to produce genuine free will, and use it, comes compassion and consideration for the free will of others.

Following from the need to justify or comfortably believe in miracles, using words and ideas, there are many word sequences to shore up belief in miracles.



  Consider the logic of scale: atoms, molecules, particles;
purely theoretical constructs,
models and concepts using words the meanings of which relate logically to each other,
to give a basis of a mathematically accurate view of reality as we sense it.
People may actually get inside a single atom, by spiritually imagining doing so.

To describe an atom, the pictures may be as visualizations, analogies, visual and auditory impressions sensory impressions, the products of individual experience and the person’s abilities to communicate.
The description has to be separated from the reality,
for the smallest parts of our 3D reality to be described at all.

In reality, atoms can be any size from infinitely small to very large,
long before they can be detected as individuals,
by any means known to people. 


What people see, when they see particles, is confirmation,
at least enough to support belief systems
made with logical relationships between theoretical events
with theoretical models to describe virtually imaginary events.

How many actual atoms does it take for an experimenter to know that one has changed?
Perhaps one, perhaps a trillion?
Does that make the atom real just in the form it is described as having.


Can even an atom-sized set of events
 be a whole universe?
Its time scale would make one second
about equal to the whole of known time,
at least, would it not, approximately….?
 A spirit may be anywhere, within realities and situations,
independent from time, space and size.
A spirit may breath universes as air. 
A spirit being may change scale, to visit universes
as if each of the atoms, inside each atom of our universe,
were each equal to our universe…indefinitely to infinitely small…
 Fractals may have bounds
for the upper limits of their sizes;
and some may not.

Fractals in Reality may be
infinitely multi-dimensional.
Scale is one of countless ways
for having logical multiple dimensions
all in the same space.
A person may be breathing collections of universes,
each of which is experiencing trillions of years,
on their time scale, during the inhalation.


We know the speed of light
only according to local clocks.
These might,
for all we know,
have huge rate variations
relative to clocks
in dimensions we do not observe.
  Countless analogies could attempt
to illustrate Creation as multi-dimensional,
with time as a spatial observation.

The concepts stay beyond any analogies;
but they allow for my belief in miracles happening
and being made to happen. 
   Time seems to flow in equal quantities,
to us.
But logically we may allow that,
on a different scale,
our time might be a billion years
as equal to a second,
on another scale.


So by each having independent individuality,
by being unique,
we are independent of chains of cause and effect.

Our spirits may be from a time-scale or spatial-size scale
that makes our present lives as much "now"
– present time –
as one second of a sample of "now"
in our present human life.


   If we consider being able to avoid stepping in front of a bus,
as evidence of the limits of our free will,
then we may use this illusion of limitations and extend it:
We may then chose to change events
that otherwise we might consider to be inevitable
and beyond our capacity to influence.

Belief in miracles is too often scaled...too low! Scale Belief High!
Being able to move a finger, or not, by volition, is as much a miracle
as would a miracle be for making a mountain chuck itself into the ocean.
 We do allow some intelligence to predict enough from the apparent “past” into the imagined “future” so as to have a “now” that seems to be longer than infinitely small.

The intelligence is our imaginations.

Our imaginations are the windows to the reality of our being; the shared multi-dimensional reality.

 Our 3D solid world is part of infinitely more than three dimensions.
Throughout, isolating islands of force fields push each other out of the way; but they compromise, harmonize...They induce mutual patterns, to form all that our perceptions call energy, movement, fields, inertia and matter.

We come from a greater reality than just three dimensions.
It is in concert with all of Creation.
It is alive and has consciousness.
Our individualities are mostly running on automatic, though; and we are each mostly a product of where we choose to experience life, for the moment.

We are infinite beings sharing an infinite Creation. In harmony we may decide that we want something to happen; and the Creation can fit in with us, as we fit in with Creation.

We are all part of the same person.
Individual blades of grass may all be part of the same plant, linked through their roots, like all life being joined to all other life.

Everything is alive. Individuality and consciousness happens according to what any particular being might chose to experience within the confines of a nominal larger group within the confines of a nominal larger group.


  Refer to the diagram here.  It shows two time-domain graphs of a sine-wave from zero to 360degrees – one revolution from minimum, to maximum….through to minimum. The sine-waves are pictures in 2D as if at right-angles to each other, in 3D.

They represent two different outcomes for the same event.

The differences are represented as either the vertical or horizontal trace's path being followed.  Both the vertical event and horizontal event could be regarded as an inevitable, however: The little magenta line, passing through zero, is also a sine wave; almost too small to see. When something on the vertical time-line is crossing zero, it can be deflected as easily as a billiard-ball being deflected by another billiard ball.

When the apparently large event is almost non-existent in a particular dimension, then something equal or larger can deflect it...and the tiny sine-wave, by adjusting its timing, can always be bigger (at their zero-crossing points) than events of any size.

This "miracle" producing function is independent of relative size.

A tiny event can deflect a gigantic event by meeting the larger event at a vulnerable tiny part of its existence; because much of reality is like combinations of concentric oscillations, moving within and between various dimensions.  


The dual-sine-wave picture represents events in more than three dimensions.  Our 3D reality uses more than three dimensions.

Events are formed by force-fields mutually sharing space so that the patterns form our reality. The force-fields –  the exclusion-force fields –  that lend tangibility to patterns, can be excluded, diverted, by other patterns that intrude enough to divert the tangibility, changing the reality of other patterns.

The vulnerability points, in the diagram, are represented as being at the zero-crossing points where the large wave (representing any complexity of multi-dimensional oscillations) is smaller than the tiny wave.

 The speed of movement in a wave is greatest at the zero-crossing points; so at the peaks, the wave is stationary — so actually more vulnerable there….logically, for illustration purposes….one might say?

Actually, there is no inertia in nature except by the intentions of living beings to maintain creation as having tangible, communicable say “reality” to be observed mutually rather than as if purely in one’s “imagination”.

As people we experience the greater reality by using our imaginations as open windows.

The tiny magenta wave represents will and intent. [The actual points of vulnerability, for timing purposes for the tiny “intent” wave (magenta) could equally be represented as being at the peaks of the large wave; because analogies to pendulums/whatever imply inertia; but inertia is only a statistical result of probabilities that have not been influenced by external events such as will, intent, visualization...say The Secret.

The illustration, of how a tiny “force” – say the intent of one human being – can affect anything of any size, implies that reality is more than a sine-wave; that tangible reality is an infinite number of sinusoidal oscillations, just to maintain one universe.

The whole of our universe could be described as one multi-dimensional waveform with a nearly-infinite number of harmonics with frequencies from infinitely slow, per second, to infinitely fast, per second….and that is less than one atom, in one concept of one part of Creation.

The sayings "infinite number" can often be illogical, for example: how can one universe have an infinite number of oscillations, while there are, also, infinite numbers of universes? And, even more, there are an infinite number of ways to have realities additional to concepts such as "universe". Consider that any part of a 2D hologram can produce a 3D illustration; how much more may a hologram, of infinite dimensions, allow any part of itself to reproduce the whole. The whole of reality may be, if overly simplified, likened to a hologram with an infinite number of dimensions.

For a small event to change a big event, the analogy has to presume an absence of inertia at the say "quantum" levels of reality. At sub-atomic levels, events can get into harmony such that huge situations can be changed by a tiny example of intent. An analogy, that is mass-inertia-dependent so only partly useful, likens causing dimension-changes, at near-zero points, to tripping a person because such seems to do much using minimal force. Anything can be achieved by intent: Because the keys to all events are, during minute times in their cycles, highly vulnerable to intent from tangible reality (imagination in our normal 3D space) in an interactive dimension.


   Conscious intentions, even if only by a single living cell, may affect whole universes — by getting so perfectly in harmony as to be just enough in front, of a key function, to tip the universe (or part of it) into an alternative combination of dimensions.

Harmony, though, as well as enabling miracles, also prescribes that a person, who is on the side of a mountain that one can not see, might not desire nor intend to go for a swim; so one does not cause the mountain to jump into an ocean; because one is in harmony.

Anyway, the other person is part of self and the concept, of tossing the mountain into the sea, can only be completely formed by including the willingness to go for a swim...and all other consequences.


Within an infinite variety, of ways to have reality for conscious individuals, we might be swapping between realities; and we would see only the sequence of observations that we imagine as our individual realities. I like to trust that we share our realities, with each of us having individuality to celebrate and roots in common, to share.

I believe we are not totally alone; and our surroundings, although perceived by imagination, have independent realities; but how independent depends on our harmony with Creation and the size of our ability to form willful concepts, intentions, actions...

I believe we can trust we are in harmony with others, enough to will, intend, visualize...whatever language one wants to use...and trust that, according to the clarity and certainty levels, what we think/imagine/want...etc...happens.

If, in order to get what we want, we have to swap between alternate realities, then we may be assured we can always have what we want...but if it's out of harmony, we'll end up confined to a set of dimensions where we are the only conscious reality.


So the power of just one living cell may change a Universe; because the power of intent is unlimited. We may act independently from any chains of causes and effects that have any dimension separate from our individuality.

David Beale

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